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Celebrities Letting Their Hair Down in Casinos

We love celebrities, as much as we love gambling and what we love even more is a gambling celebrity. Although nobody wishes any bad luck on anyone losing big at casinos, we do not that one of the A-Listers, Ben Affleck has a serious gambling addiction among many other high-paid actors. Some other high profile actors and actresses letting their hair down regularly and according to sources both in traditional casinos and playing online.

Pamela Anderson loves Slot machines so much she even has a machine branded specially in her honor. Bruce Willis is a serious craps player while Harry Styles cannot stay away for long from the roulette table. Then we also have a huge variety of celebrities that do not like playing at traditional casinos and focus playing online. Have you ever wondered how some relax or what they do while waiting their acting turn or before shows and chilling in their change rooms or backstage. Check out what reports say these celebrities loves doing in spare time even after they did it in movies and shows:


– Beyoncé and Daniel Craig – when Daniel played as James Bond in Casino Royale he developed a love for Baccarat after he played poker and found out that in the original novel it should have been Baccarat he had to play.


– Sharon Stone and Chris Tucker – both Sharon Stone and Chris tucker played in various movies involving craps and this has developed their respective loves for the game.

Video Poker

– Lady Gaga and Lemmy – well Lemmy is one of those rockers who loves shouting “ace of spades” and that is no coincidence as it is indeed one of his favorite pastimes to play video poker. Then if you thought, the song “Poker Face” is simply a song you are wrong, as Lady Gaga is a modern pop icon with an intense love for video poker.

Roulette Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus – when Miley Cyrus performed with the sexy roulette ball she did so with more than intent to be super seductive and half-naked, but she loves playing online roulette on bus tours too.


– Jack Black – it is quite ironic and maybe Jack Black simply loves Blackjack after the name connection. We all love the Californian comedian who is close to being called Black Jack or even Jack Black loves Black Jack.