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Most Popular Blackjack Variations

Most people have a basic understanding of Blackjack with its basics as beating a dealer without losing the hand by going over 21. Most people are playing North American rules; however around the world do you get interesting variations that pops up frequently with the huge amount of online casinos.

European Blackjack

This game as its name implies in from European casinos and even though you are not in Europe you can play it at an online casino and it does have key differences even though similar to the traditional 21.

  • You are not allowed to surrender
  • You receive money back on a ties or push
  • Aces cannot be re split
  • Games are paying three to two on a natural blackjack
  • Some games allow re splitting , others do not
  • Double down is only allowed on hard nine, ten and elevens
  • The dealer must stand on a soft seventeen
  • A dealer dos not peak for blackjack
  • It is played with a two deck card

Spanish 21

This game is not from Spain as the name implies, but a gaming company in Colorado, called marquee publishing and it has various small differences but one major difference. You will not find a deck that contains a ten value cards, but look at other differences below:

  • Players earn bonuses on certain hands
  • Late surrendering is permitted
  • You can split hands and still double own after
  • You are allowed to double own with any two cards
  • You are allowed to spilt hands three times for four hands
  • Dealers must stand on soft seventeen
  • A natural blackjack is an automatic win and payout is three to two


Pontoon does not have ten cards either and some of its key differences below:

  • You are allowed two splits
  • A two to one payout when you form a five card hand
  • You are only allowed to stand on fifteen or higher
  • Bothe the dealer’s cards are face down

A tie with the dealer is not a push, but a loss for you