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Popular Betting Strategies


There are hundreds of strategies guaranteeing gamblers that they will beat the odds against a casino and have guaranteed success. It might appear incredibly promising; however, it is often impossible to overcome a casino’s edge. Regardless of where you play at brick-and-mortar or online, the house has the advantage. We took the time to identify some of the most popular betting strategies and continue to explain its flaws as well. While some people are indeed winning when using these strategies, it is more often than not a matter of luck and not the strategy that worked in their favor.

The Gamblers Fallacy is one of the most common and very few hardened gamblers are not familiar with it. It works on the believe that when the expected fails occur, it is very unlikely to happen in the future, to use an example of how it works, Gamblers Fallacy works like this; if you flip a coin on and t lands on its tail four times, he chances are that the next would be heads. It is not true though.

The Martingale System is more of a strategy that a theory and t operates on the continued doubling of bets until you automatically win. It is simply based on the notion that you cannot lose continuously and that you are likely to win at some point and that when you do win, the amount would be large enough that it even surpasses your losses to date during a single game. The problem we have with this system is that your losses might continue for an extended period and when you would have won eventually; your bankroll would be depleted.

Then you also have the Fibonacci and the Paroli Systems with the Fibonacci over 900 years old already and it is based on using algorithms while the Paroli focuses on taking advantage of winning streaks by increasing bets significantly.

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