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Do Not Allow Blackjack Myths to Fool You

Around the world will you find that blackjack is one of the top and most popular table games. Through the years, many myths have established itself around blackjack and very few people know whether it is indeed true. It is the same with all gambling for example people referring to slot machines as hot machines or cold machines. The same goes for roulette when people simply say the “know” the ball is “due” to fall on a specific number or color. These same types of myths surrounds blackjack and unfortunately it is often more than just an inconveniences as  it could have a potential negative impact on the way you play and results. If you are not familiar with blackjack and hear these myths, it is time to ignore them and start playing to win:

You Must Take Insurance

This is one of the top controversial bets and there is no rule of thumb saying it is the right choice, as more often than not will you end up losing that insurance for sure. Many casinos and players will tell you or rather insist that it is a worthy risk, but it is a gimmick set in place for the inexperienced players. There is always a seventy percent chance that when a dealer has an ace it will not lead to blackjack.

Bad Players Ruin a Table

Even though inexperienced players at a traditional casino frustrate experienced players, however studies proved that it has no impact on results.

The Odds Remain the Same

This is not true; as you will find that at some tables, you repeatedly lose while at other tables you continuously chip always the house’s edge. Before you play at a table, is it essential to check its rules as well as playing with 3:2 blackjack payouts and a dealer having to stand at soft seventeen.