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Sic Bo Explained

The typical Asian game is growing in popularity and even though it is not quite as widely played as craps, roulette, poker and blackjack you will find it in many online casinos globally and a smaller presence in the United States traditional casinos. This ancient Chinese gambling is a classic and do not be surprised when logging into your favorite online casino to find it too. This is the ideal opportunity to get acquainted and if you love craps, this game will come to you easily.

Sic Bo uses a table that features various betting options and three dice and the betting is based on how the dice were rolled. Options include a bet on any number and the payouts are increasing on the amount of times that particular number appear on each one of the three dice. Some casinos offer bets that go as high as fifty to one and you must check out casino rules and betting odds for greater chances.

Now it might appear to be very much like craps, however your winning odd is not always as favorable and it would depend on casino rules and your own wager. You will furthermore find that the larger majority of casinos have a house edge of 7.41 percent, while others will offer 2.78 percent. When you compare it to craps, you will find the significant difference as you will find house edges of 1.41 percent. This is why strategies are important for Sic Bo players.

The basic is to keep in mind that Sic Bo actually means Small Big and when playing the game it is essential to keep in mind that small bet is paying out even money when the dice equal anything between four and up to ten. A big bet on the other hand pays even money when dice equal between eleven and up to seventeen. A small bet thus gives you 105 chances to win with a 48.61 percent of winning every round.